Environmental Officers Training, Revision 2018

The new Environmental Officers training is here! The new training is based on the latest FGS regulations and provides a new learning experience. Besides a new structure and additional topics, your training class is now also available on your tablet computer. With this improvement a new era of E-Learning begins for the EO Training.

The online EO training is used to train Eos within the Installation Management Command – Europe (IMCOM-E) area of responsibility (Germany, Belgium, and Italy). The training course allows the student to receive the training relevant to his or her respective environmental Final Governing Standards (FGS) and choose between English or the prevailing language of the host nation. The training addresses a whole range of topics in the area of hazardous materials handling and pollution prevention in thirteen modules.



Environmental Basic Awareness Training

Today it’s more important than ever for environmental awareness to be part of everyone’s daily activities. It is essential to realize that the physical environment we live in, is something humans can easily damage but not so easily fix.
This training is for EVERYONE! We want you to understand why our behaviour has an impact on our environment. It affects all of us! The following topics are presented in this course: Drinking Water, Energy Consumption, Green Procurement, Recycling and Hazardous Substances.

awareness training